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Cardinal Responds to the First Arrest of a Sister in Sri Lanka and the whole world
Monday, 28th of November 2011

His Eminence Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith even with the heavy administration work has promptly intervened into the issue sighting its importance in the international perspective of the country.

Rev. Sr. Mary Eliza, First sister to be Arrested in Sri Lanka and the world

"I'm not afraid, I've faced much more worse things. This is nothing to me! I know God is with me!" - Rev. Sr. Mary Eliza just before her arrest.

From Archdiocese Of Colombo :

Very Rev. Sr.Prema MC, Superior General of the Missionary Sisters of Charity ( Mother Teresa's Sisters ) arrived today afternoon, 27th Nov.in Sri Lanka, having heard that one of her Sisters, Sr. Eliza had been arrested by the Police and put her in the Weliikada Prisons. His Eminence Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith, the Archbishop of Colombo received her at the Katunayake airport. His Eminence conveyed that the Sri Lankan Catholic Church is deeply concerned about the arrest of Rev. Sr. Mary Eliza and the way National Child Protection Authority and the Police has acted to find out information about "Prem Nivesa".

There are nearly 760 Convents with 5040 Rev.Sisters of Mother Teresa serving in the whole world. Rev. Sr. Mary Eliza is first MC Sister to be imprisoned in the whole world, since Blessed Mother Teresa started the Congregation of Missionary Sisters of Charity, serving poorest of the poor.

Thereafter Mother Prema together with several other MC Sisters,Very Rev. Fr. Ivan Perera and myself visited Rev. Sr. Eliza in Welikada prisons.Mother Prema spoke to Sr.Eliza, and asked where she was taken in a van on Friday the 25th November, when she was arrested at "Prem Nivasa". Sr. Eliza. an Indian Sister, was not aware where she was taken in the middle of the night. and told Mother Prema that they took her to a judge in Wennappuwa, even though the. "Prem Nivesa " is at Rawathawatta. Mother Prema and several other Sisters spoke to Sr.Eliza, who convinced them that she is encouraged to face such persecutions with the grace of God and with the blessings from Blessed Mother Teresa.

The Commissioner for Prisons received Mother Prema at the entrance and accompanied her and the other Rev. Sisters and granted permission to take some for food Sr.Eliza.


queenofangels.lk has been closely with Rev. Sr. Mary Eliza just before and during her arrest. A special thanks to His Eminence Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith and Very Rev. Fr. Cyril Gamini Fernando (Episcopal Vicar) and many other Senior Priests who courageously faced the instant situation, by controlling the media and by Assisting Sisters in the time of grave need.



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