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Queen Of Angels' Church construction - The new church takes shape!
Thursday, 17th of May 2012

Seen in these photo's the construction team is now plastering the lower level walls. The triangular top of the Facade where the Queen Of Angels statue would be placed is also being completed.

The right side corridor roof was removed as shown and steps are underway to raise the roof.

Also the old Facade walls are being broken to facilitate the new larger front doors. It is bring delayed because of the old support beam just above it. The construction team has placed newer support beams above the old ones to support the wight of the old wall and is demolishing the old beam.

Seen on page three, we now see our future church! The construction has finally come to a place were we can see the shape of the upcoming church.

The stain glass installation is at its final state where they are plastering the damaged walls to facilitate the stain glass frames and finally the stain glasses.

Queen Of Angels' - Pray for Us!

Queen Of Angels' - Pray for Us!

Queen Of Angels' - Pray for Us!

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