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Mother Teresa’s convent raided, false accusations leveled
Sunday, 27th of November 2011

Mother Theresa

My dear friends,

The Mother Teresa’s convent of Rawatawatte or popularly known as “Pem Nivasa” has been serving the needy for many decades, it is a part of the Catholic Church in the world and falls inside the borders of the Rawatawatte Parish.

The media has leveled heavy accusations to this children’s home (convent) treating it as ordinary house run by thugs. The accusations include selling of children to foreigners and locals who can pay money, running a baby farm, and hiding children, even though there has been no solid evidence to prove this. The media has further gone on to interpret certain issues and has made a total mockery of this situation, a good example is that the media stated that the foreigner in question told that “money is for the child”, this has been interpreted as money for the sale of the child but not knowing the fact that the law of the adoption procedure requires money to be deposited in the name of the child. Further interpretations goes to when the news papers said “70 children saved from selling” while not knowing the fact that nearly 30 of the children are given to the convent by the Courts, it is not possible to sell these children out at all even though the papers depict it in such a way.

Children are also given to the convent by parents who due to financial and family reasons cannot raise them and pregnant women who have no financial power to get enough food and nutrition are also taken care of by the convent. We would also like to point out that if the main allegation was selling of children the foreigners would also be at fault, why aren’t they arrested?

So far there is no evidence to prove that the Sisters of Missionaries of Charity have sold any children. While we strongly condemn the Sri Lankan media for the unethical journalism, we would also like to thank a few news papers and media organizations who did not run out on people like mad dogs to make more money by selling false news.

The convent is run by Sisters of Missionaries of Charity since 1984 and has helped many thousands of poor people regardless of their race or religion. It had been an open place to everyone. During the raid, Ms. Anoma Dissanaika who represented the Child Protection Authority has made false and barbaric statements to the media without gathering or looking at all the vital information or making a proper inquiry from the Reverent sisters. They have also taken the innocence of the sisters as tools to ill-treat them.

Sisters were many a time harassed by the media, as the media has already made them abusers and criminals. Some other high officials together with the media have attempted to make this a opportunity to seek religious prosecution and attempt to use their religion to disrupt religious unity in the country starting from Moratuwa sighting the strong links to the Catholic Church. Already we have received reports that many people of other religions who find fault with the Catholic Church are hooting and publicly discriminating Catholic's of Moratuwa in public due to this fake information given by media.

It is however true that children are given for adoption by the convent to foreigners and locals and it is also a well known fact that the Mother Teresa’s convent has very high requirements for adopting children, and is not favored by all. All adoptions have been done with strict procedures of adoption.

The sisters are in prayer to the Blessed Mother Mary for reconciliation and healing, because all the Good that they have done for the people in front of Blessed Mother have made them abusers and criminals in sight of the country ’s population using printed text and invisible radio waves at the control of a few.

We ask all fellow Christians to Pray for these children and the Sisters so that they would make it through this agony in the Power of our Savior Jesus Christ and the protection of Mother Mary’s love.

Queen Of Angels' - Pray for Us!
Mother Teresa Of Calcutta - Pray for Us!
St. Anthony - Pray for Us!

God Bless you,
-Parish Priest



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