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Sister cleared of all charges and released!
Thursday, 15th of December 2011

From Archdiocese of Colombo :

The Colombo Magistrate Courts said today, 15th Dec. 2011, " Nothing illegal has happened at 'Prem Nivasa', Rawathawatta" and released Rev. Sr. Mary Eliza from all accusations NCPA had presented to the Courts.

Having received the investigations reports from the Attorney General and from the Criminal Investigation Department, Colombo Magistrate Courts said that there are no illegal activities happening at "Prem Nivasa" of Mother Teresa's Sisters, at Rawathawatta.

Senior Counsellor Neville Abeyratne appearing on behalf of the Sisters, informed the Court that the Chairman of the National Child Protection Authority has acted on an anoymous telephone call and arrested Rev.Sr. Mary Eliza even without proper investigation on the complaint and had made arrangements toproduce her before Courts, which had caused severe hardships and mental agony to the Rev. Sisters and also Chairman of NCPA had taken the matter to the media giving totally incorrect information. Senior Counsellor Neville Abeyratne requested the Magistrate Court inform NCPA to act with responsibility when arresting a person.

The Court also ordered the NCPA to release all the files and documents seized from "Prem Nivasa" and also two passports of Rev. Sr. Eliza and Rev. Sr. Arohma.

The Court also ordered the NCPA to produce the suspect who had raped a girl, since NCPA informed the Court on the first day hearing that there is a raped underage girl staying at 'Prem Nivasa'. The Case on the suspected rapist will be taken on 19th January 2011.

There was a significant number of lawyers appeared in the Court today on behalf of the Rev. Sisters. Also several priests and religious were present in the Court to hear the final decision.

When the Court Case was over, Rev. Fathers and Rev. Sisters proceeded to the Chapel at Hultsdrop for a Thanksgiving Prayer Service.



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